Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Summer Story - A poem by Mary Oliver

Hummingbird (Stacy Wills, 2013)
alcohol inks on ceramic tile + sacred altering

Summer Story
by Mary Oliver

When the hummingbird
sinks its face
into the trumpet vine,
and the funnels

of the blossoms
and the tongue
leaps out
and throbs,

I am scorched
to realize once again
how many small, available things
are in the world

that aren't 
pieces of gold
or power---
that nobody owns

or could buy even
for a hillside of money---
that just 
float about  the world,

or drift over the fields,
or into the gardens,
and into the tents of the vines,
and how here I am

spending my time,
as the saying goes,
watching until the watching turns into feeling,
so that I feel I am myself

a small bird 
with a terrible hunger,
with a thin beak probing and dipping
and a heart that races so fast

it is only a heart beat ahead of breaking---
and I am the hunger and assuagement,
and also I am the leaves and the blossoms,
and, like them, I am full of delight and shaking

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Clothed with the Sun

Clothed with the Sun (Stacy Wills, 2012)
photography + sacred altering

There is a morning inside you
waiting to burst open into light.

-Rumi  (1207 - 1273)

Source image:  Sunrise at Orange Beach, Alabama